Sensational scents

Sensational scents

Hello fellow office workers! Feel like you need a treat? You spend long hours at your workstation, and you deserve it to be as comfortable, convenient and pleasant as possible. Once you’ve taken care of the essentials (an ergonomic, comfortable chair, non-reflective work surface, computer equipment, peripherals and lighting) you deserve a little luxury.

An easy, effective way to enhance your surroundings is aromatherapy. Who doesn’t swoon when peeling an orange or tangerine? They smell almost as good as they taste. I get a hit of pleasure and excitement every time I walk into the beauty department of a department store and smell the, feminine mixture of wonderful scents! Totally delicious and the prelude to some retail therapy! Why not bring some of that same pleasure into the office by using essential oils to quell anxiety, enhance productivity and lift your mood.

Online shopping has made it easy to buy essential oils and diffusers that fill the atmosphere with powerful molecules that can do everything from encouraging concentrating to cleaning the air and lifting your mood to sweeping away stress. If you work in an office with other people, then you should get their permission before using a diffuser, but if you are in your own office, then please yourself, and place it a short distance from your desk or on a windowsill.

There are endless oils to choose from, but I recommend bergamot oil, a delicious, fresh citrus smell that reminds me of summer with its bright, clean, cheerful top note. It has powerful purifying properties and can be combined with cyprus, lavender and sandlewood. I also picked up some ylang ylang at the airport, and it makes my office smell like a luxury spa. Sumptuous.

Another proven mood lifter is geranium, guaranteed to brighten up a dull day, or why not infuse your surroundings with the fresh, lemony scent of lemongrass, that stimulates the senses and opens the mind? Another advantage of this aroma is that it is a natural insect repellent, discouraging pesky mosquitos and flies.

If you enjoy the typical, spicy scents associated with autumn, then you might like to try infusing clove oil or something with cinnamon, pumpkin or chocolate. It is said to bring a peaceful, grounding air to the office and can be combined with bergamot.

Diffusers come in all shapes and sizes, so go ahead your surroundings with flowers, spices and other lovely scents.

Juliet Allaway

Written by vendor