High-tech Olympic Games

High-tech Olympic Games

The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo will be incredible for athletes and totally amazing for technology fans. If you are a Japanese speaker then you might even be able to work there, as there is sure to be plenty of work around, however robo-translators will also be available to make life easier for the enormous influx of visitors, athletes, coaches, media representatives, and so on, by removing the language barrier.

Japan is already close to the top of the list of world’s most technologically-advanced countries and the Olympic Games organisers have already announced some new developments that are in the pipeline for the 2020 Games.

To reduce the carbon footprint of this important event, the organisers have committed to using electricity from renewable energy sources, and fascinatingly, five thousand medals will be created by recycling tiny quantities of precious metals like gold, silver and copper taken from defunct mobile phones and cameras. What’s more, 99% of other the goods used in the games will be used or recycled. What a magnificent effort and example!

The World Economic Forum has published a video that explains some of the steps that Japan is taking to make the next Olympic games the most technologically advanced ever.

If you’ve never travelled in a driverless car, then this could be your chance, since the Japanese will be providing driverless taxis to transport visitors to the games and, when they arrive at their accommodation, they’ll be able to use their mobile phones to pay the fare and unlock the door.

Although robots to translate Japanese for foreign guests to the games, that’s not all they will do. Special robots will also be available to carry bags for disabled and elderly people.

If you would like to experience all these technological wonders for yourself, then why not apply to be a Tokyo 2020 Games Volunteer. If you visit you can find out about all the opportunities offered, and the registration period has just started, so you’re in time to take action. Although knowledge of languages is sure to be an advantage, all persons born on or before 1 April 2002 are free to apply to become a Games volunteer. Why not try your luck? What an adventure!

Writer: Juliet Allaway

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