Ready and set to translate again

Ready and set to translate again

It’s been a couple of months now since I left my home and I have been sofa surfing while my new place is renovated. Although the friends who have allowed me to invade their lives have very nice homes, not having an office to work in has been a real handicap. If you are a translator, you can imagine how frustrating it is to have no internet and no mobile phone service! Thank goodness someone has now lent me an office.

One of the most important rooms in my new home will, of course, be my new workspace. I haven’t picked the smallest room in the house since I spend most of my time there, and this has been a marvellous opportunity to start from scratch and get everything the way I want it to be. Everything has been chosen to the last detail, in light, cheerful colours. I’ve even indulged myself with an air conditioner.

If you are a translator like me, then you probably have lots of computer equipment, peripherals and wires that need to be plugged in. Without a custom electrical installation, this usually ends up being plugged into a couple of strips, all the wires get tangled up and dusty, and it is generally a nuisance if you need to move things around. However, this time I am having sliding strips built into the wall that will move up and down as needed. I can’t wait! I am even having USB plugs wired directly into the sockets so I won’t have to run around looking for chargers.

Perhaps I should have checked before I signed on the dotted line, but my new house is in a street with very slow ADSL internet and my wireless antenna is useless. The solution is a high-speed 4G connection, which I have been using since I left my previous home in a borrowed office. It’s excellent, you can plug it in anywhere and start working and I would recommend it to any translator who likes to set up and work in different places.

The other expensive piece of equipment I have invested in is a new computer chair with a lower back support and a net seat cushion to keep my back cool with constant ventilation. Apparently, it naturally conforms to the curve of the spinal cord to help relieve stress on the back. I can’t wait until I am installed in my new office and sitting on my comfortable new chair!

All I’ll need to do is to send a message around telling everyone I’m back in business and ready to conquer the translation world again!

Writer: Juliet Allaway

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