Foot and leg care for sedentary workers

Foot and leg care for sedentary workers

You might think that spending all day sitting in an office chair will save your feet and legs from aches and pains, however, if you only get up to make a cup of tea and a sandwich a couple of times of day, then your circulation will become sluggish, starving the muscles of blood and even causing nasty-sounding conditions like claudication (blocked arteries in the lower leg caused by lack of movement) and claw toes due to progressive loss of flexibility for the same reason.

When we travel by plane, we are urged to keep our bodies moving during the flight to prevent deep vein thrombosis and swelling, but I spend almost all my life sitting in an aircraft-like position and probably get more exercise on a flight than on an average day because I remember to flex and circle my ankles and wave my arms about.

While some people look upon a pedicure as a treat, I believe that a regular foot service is a must. Unless you do yoga and can wrap your legs around your neck, it is difficult to get up close to your feet and check that everything is in order. Cutting your own toenails and dealing with issues like hard skin and corns is difficult to do yourself and the last time I painted own toenails red, I looked like a victim of the Texas chainsaw massacre!

If you are finding your feet and legs are suffering from inactivity, lymphatic drainage massage will help to relieve swelling and fluid retention in your legs and will help to prevent you from developing unattractive ‘cankles’ (calf ankles)! If you notice discoloration in the lower limbs, then you should get yourself along to a chiropodist as quickly as possible, since this is a sign of a serious dysfunction.

Also, as you age, your venous system becomes less efficient, and needs more help. Putting your feet up can help, so perhaps transplant yourself from your desk to the sofa with your laptop to reduce discomfort.

The best thing you can do is keep moving. Take short walks whenever you can. I invest in personal training sessions twice a week, and my aches and pains have disappeared, along with my plantar fasciitis (a stabbing pain in the bottom of the foot).

We need to look after ourselves… nobody else is going to do it, so factor wellness into your work routine, and take care of your feet and legs.

Juliet Allaway

Written by editor