It has to be a hybrid

It has to be a hybrid

The good news this week is that UK government has decided to join other countries (such as Germany, Norway, China, India and the Netherlands), and to start taking steps to ban internal combustion cars. Although this will be quite a long time in the future, declaring this strategy is certainly a step in the right direction. Quite apart from the clean air that countries that adopt this course of action will enjoy, just think of the peace and quiet?

This is sure to give translators a lot of work. After all, there will be tons of handbooks to translate. And how about the oil companies? They are going to have to do something radical to change their business model or go out of business. Service stations will start becoming charging stations… repair workshops will have to acquire new equipment (more handbooks).

Just imagine… quiet electric cars buzzing around, clean streets, the sound of birds twittering in the trees. Hopefully, all this awaits us in countries working hard to lower emissions and tackle global warming. Imagine India without vehicles spewing out fumes… and Beijing without a layer of snog.

This will improve everyone’s quality of life and will also affect property prices in heavy traffic areas. I spent years living on a main road in Birmingham, in a house on the flight path to Birmingham airport. No matter how hot it was in summer, we couldn’t open the windows, because the traffic and aircraft noise was so bad that you couldn’t have a conversation. My parents bought the house in the 1940s when it was a quiet place. It was a wide street with big beautiful houses with enormous gardens and a little row of shops down the road, but over the years, because it was on a crossroads, the traffic became unbearable. We moved somewhere further away from the city, which is just as well, because all the houses are now nursing homes and road is lined with chip shops and car dealerships.

When the change is complete it won’t matter where you live. The traffic noise will be almost gone.

Not to boast or anything, but I have just ordered a hybrid car after a lifetime of buying diesel vehicles. I would have ordered an electric car, but guess how many charging points there are in my town. ZERO! So it’s a hybrid for me. With a little bit of luck, the next one I buy will be electric.

Juliet Allaway

Written by editor