On the road again

On the road again

This time next week I will be at Valencia airport with four of my best friends, waiting to board a low-cost flight to Marrakech. I say ‘low-cost’ but then the check-in case costs more than the seat, and anyone who thinks they can visit Morocco without coming home with a check-in bag crammed with souvenirs is out of their mind! I can’t wait to hit the bazaars.

We are meeting three more friends in Marrakesh, two from London and one from Northern Spain. I’ve booked a driver and a mini-van for a ten-day trip to the high Atlas Mountains, to Erg Chebbi, where we will be ‘glamping’ in posh tents sand riding camels, before driving to the coast, to Essaouira with its swirling seagulls and its windy beaches.

Although I’ve made all the arrangements, I’m not worried about my hotel and destination choices, despite these being super-cheap! What I am a little concerned about is whether all these dear friends of mine will get on well together, and won’t end up cat fighting on the back seat of the mini-bus!

Normally, I try to keep my different friends apart because, although I love them dearly, they don’t seem to love each other all that much, but somehow this trip got out of hand. Literally all my friends wanted to come. I just hope it is not going to deteriorate into a middle-aged version of ‘Mean Girls”!

There is a bit of a language barrier. I hope that everyone is going to make big efforts to understand each other, because I get exhausted being between two groups of people who can’t communicate and am not going to spend my break translating their jokes and making sure that nobody gets left out. On this trip, there is only one non-English speaker, two of us are Spanish-English speakers and the others are English only, apart from one French-Canadian who will probably find herself in great demand, in French-speaking Morocco.

Please, please let them like each other! One friend has already told me that she doesn’t want to share a room with another because she ‘doesn’t like her’. I have told her that she had better leave those prejudgements at home, because we are all going to have fun and I am not going to be a referee. One person has asked for a single room throughout the trip because she snores like a hog but the rest of us are going to be sharing… snores, sneezes, smelly trainers, and all!

As I write this, I am feeling less anxious. This should be an opportunity for all us ladies to have some fun and learn from each other. I will let you know how we get on.


Juliet Allaway

Written by norak