Pinakos at central offices of Norak

Pinakos at central offices of Norak

From January 19th to Sunday 22nd Mark Serloreti , Marketing & Business Development of Pinakos,

was visiting long time and close partner NorakTrad for extensive business talks and meetings. This

meeting – a flollow-up to the successful cooperation of Norak with Pinakos at the IP Service World

2016 – was fostering the deep connections and resulted in a deeper aligning of business strategies,

joint world wide marketing campaigns and defining common aims for the years to come.

Furthering this already existing cooperation will leverage opportunities to deliver high quality

services to the global markets on an efficient scale and scope.

NorakTrad is a world leading specialist in technical and legal translation services with international

branches in Europe, Asia and US. Pinakos is an innovative e-commerce platform to buy and sell the

full range of IP Services worldwide.

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