I love MultiTerm

I love MultiTerm

Hey, all you CAT software users out there! If you are anything like me and balk at the idea of learning and using the powerful features of your CAT tools (either due to laziness, chronic lack of time or just a general dislike of change), let me tell you, you are seriously missing out.

A PM recently ordered me to use MultiTerm to do what was an extremely repetitive and fiddly job. He even sent me a glossary to convert and load. I was horrified! That meant opening TWO PROGRAMMES that I had never used before and then actually USING THEM. I did try to protest. “I don’t know how to use it!” I whined. However, the PM just sent me a link to a website with some instructions on a website and left me to get on with it.

Realising I had no choice but to obey, I bit the bullet, followed the instructions and…. I’m in love! Yes, it’s true. I’m in love with MultiTerm. Now I would no more do a job in Studio 2014 without it than I would type into an original document.

Since I finished that job, more accurately and in half the time it would have taken me otherwise, I have had another couple of similar jobs for which I have created my own glossaries. Not only is the result better than it would be otherwise, but I also feel more confident and much happier while doing the work, not having to click on concordance and wade through stuff and not making typos.

I have become evangelical about MultiTerm. I have even forced fellow translators to learn how to use it. I hope you are grateful, girls!

Heaven only knows what other fantastic and yet undiscovered features these CAT tools have. I will investigate.

So that got me to thinking about other things I am resisting. Who knows what I might be missing out on?  I know it’s time to change. Is it too late to learn to ski? Perhaps it is. Anyway, that’s why this morning I am not wearing my usual translation uniform (which consists of a thick fluffy dressing gown over pyjamas with slipper socks). I have had a shower, done my hair and put on some light make up. At least if the postman comes he won’t think I’ve got flu and run back down the drive and jump on his Vespa!

Juliet Allaway


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